If I wanted to list my house for sale today…

by Sylvia on September 17, 2013

crap_on_my_desk-250x166If I wanted to list my house for sale today and sell it at the best possible price, I would have to make some changes first. Most of us simply do not live in a model home day in and day out. I am not talking about having to redo the kitchen or build a deck. I am talking about stowing all our stuff, cleaning it top to bottom and keeping it that way daily until the sale is pretty much a done deal.

That is the reality of turning a home into marketable goods. After years of living in a home, most of us accumulate stuff that makes our lives either more convenient or stuff that makes our in-laws love us more. Eliminating the first can mean a bit of inconvenience. Gone is the handy TV tray, the 7 appliances on our kitchen counter, or the 700 toys in our children’s rooms. On the other hand, we may relish telling some in-laws that we had to pack up the singing fish and the purple tea cozies because we are selling the house and our Realtor told us to do it!

Once done with the “stuff”, there are still areas in the home that need scrutiny. If it’s been a few years since the last interior paint job, you need to look for scuffed areas and dents in the wall. With a bit of luck you wrote down what kind of paint is on the walls, ceiling and trim. The top mistake sellers make is to match the color (computer at the paint store will do that) but pick the wrong sheen for the paint. The result is a series of eggshell blotches and patches on a sateen or semi-gloss wall. You are not fooling anybody, especially buyers. They can tell they have to spend money on repainting the home properly.

When it comes to preparing a home for the open market, let your Realtor take a good look at it and give you constructive suggestions. Then act on these recommendations. Your sales price may depend on your ability to look at your home with the eyes of a buyer.


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